Hello! My name is Holly Castillo.

A white girl with a Spanish last name.

I truly believe that the most important part of your wedding day is that you end up married, because all the details and the events fly by. I've photographed over 150 weddings now, and every single one goes by so quick. I love my job because even though the day goes by fast, I get to find and capture those teeny tiny small moments, so they can be relived over and over in photographs. That's also why photography is the most important investment of your wedding day. The cake will be eaten and your dress will likely be put away somewhere- but photographs freeze moments in time, and that's not to be taken lightly.

The one phrase I hear the most from my clients to describe me is "easy going". And that's pretty accurate, I think! Weddings are stressful enough without your photographer making it harder. I have 8 years of wedding experience under my belt, so as far as the day goes- I've got it. I've seen my fair share of crazy things at weddings- like brides riding in on camels. I am so in my element wandering around as a fly on the wall, capturing details, emotions, candid photos, and trying to make my couple feel comfortable and able to enjoy their day! My style is to put you in lovely places, and let your natural love shine through. We will do a few posed photos, of course (mainly family), but what I love most about weddings is witnessing the natural flow and emotions of the day.

I am definitely more of a documentary style photographer- so if you want a Vogue photoshoot I'm not your girl. I'll dance with you at your party though! Probably eat some of your cake, too.

As far as my editing style goes, I prefer natural, warm colors that reflect real life. There is a lot of trendy photography out there, and while I think it can be beautiful, I also think there's going to come a time when it looks dated. I want my images to be timeless in their color and style, and to evoke warm fuzzy memories. I do not offer body photoshop or extensive unrealistic editing (such as make my sister's green dress now blue in all your pictures, or pasting a false smile on an unhappy kiddo.)

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On A More Personal Note...

I'm 30, and a born and raised Ventura County girl. My husband and I are high school sweethearts from Simi Valley, and we got married at the ripe old age of 21. We have two boys, three cats, and a ton of houseplants that I may or may not neglect. I really like trying new restaurants to eat at, and watching The Office and feel good reality TV like Queer Eye.

"I just want to be friends. Plus a little extra. Also I love you." -Dwight Schrute

I’ve been a photographer for most of my life, borrowing my parents point and shoot to waste all their precious 35mm film on taking 20 pictures of our cats. I was taking selfies on my first digital camera (the very high-tech Sony Cybershot if you remember those) before the term was coined. I remember calling them “self- shots”. I never dreamed of being a wedding photographer, it would be a lie to say I did. This path fell into my lap and clicked for me, and I now can’t imagine doing anything else. I'm constantly planning my dream wedding even though I'm already married, and I cry at all the weddings I photograph-mostly during the mother/ son dance (because boy Mom), but also during vows and other sweet moments. Basically, please don't be weirded out, I'm just really happy for you!

I also really really love bouganvilleas.

Testimonials and Kind Words

Clarice and Adan

1 / 6

"We loved Holly's colorful work, and we were so pleased that she was able to travel to Paso Robles from Ventura County. Aside from our BEAUTIFUL photos that we received from our day, Holly was very punctual, professional, and so easygoing to work with on such a busy day."

1 / 6