Alpacas, Burros, and Camels... oh my goodness.

I first photographed at Reptacular Ranch in 2017...

The layout was very different, and just starting out as a wedding venue in Los Angeles. It's amazing how large it's become as a venue since then! I've done several bridal shows there, and about 20 weddings, and it never gets old to me. The drive up really feels nothing like Los Angeles- you feel like you're going into the boonies. Which you kind of are, there's no cell service just btw. But the animals and environment are what make Reptacular Ranch truly unique. I've had brides ride in on Herbie the Camel, Lupita the beer burro make several appearances, and Mr. and Mrs. Alpaca hang out with my bridal parties (They're actually both male alpacas).

As a wedding photographer who's done so many weddings at Reptacular Ranch, I will give you some insider tips-

  1. The best times to schedule your wedding is October-December, and March-April. Yes you risk rain, but the weather is usually really nice, and the scenery after the rainy season in March is SPECTACULAR. This particular wedding was in December, which was before the rain made things green, but you get some nice Fall foliage, which is certainly rare in Southern California and at a Los Angeles wedding venue.
  2. If you have your wedding at Reptacular Ranch, definitely take advantage of at least some of the animals! Yes they are an additional cost, but honestly so unique that I think it's more than worth it. Even just having Lupita the beer burro come by during cocktail hour makes the guests so happy. It's just such a fun practice, and all the animals come with trained handlers to keep them and your guests safe.
  3. Boho/ Rustic decor works best here. Reptacular Ranch is a pretty blank canvas for decorating since it's all outdoors. But the wooden benches and sweetheart table that are already on the property go best with a more rustic vibe than super glamourous. Take a look at this blog for some inspiration!

Lexxi and Jesse put their personal touches on everything, which is what made their wedding day so special. Most of the decor was hand selected or DIY. I really think this venue is perfect for that.

Reception Time Plus Animal Appearances!

Herbie at Reptacular Ranch

No sparkler exits are allowed due to fire concerns, but try bubbles!

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Special thanks to Captured By Emily C Petrie as second photographer

Happy Camper Photo Booth

Tipsy Traveler Mobile Bar

Reptacular Ranch