Nestled in the picturesque but lesser known city of Camarillo, California, Gerry Ranch stands as a testament to the region's rich agricultural heritage and natural splendor. This sprawling estate, spanning over 300 acres, is a haven for nature enthusiasts, event planners, and history buffs alike- not to mention a fantastic wedding location. Saying "I do" surrounded by avocado trees really couldn't get anymore Californian. Plus avocado trees kind of make an incredible background for your wedding photos.

Exploring the property offers a glimpse into the rich history and the evolution of Camarillo! Several other historic ranch properties are in Camarillo and available for weddings, such as McCormick Ranch and The Camarillo Ranch House. I've photographed at both over the years and I will unabashedly say that Gerry Ranch is my favorite for wedding photography- sorry not sorry.

Wedding Photographer Gerry Ranch Camarillo

As you wander through Gerry Ranch, you'll encounter a breathtaking display of nature's bounty. The ranch is renowned for it's farm where visitors can experience the joy of picking their own ripe fruits such as blueberries! Beyond its agricultural offerings, Gerry Ranch serves as an idyllic event venue. Whether you're planning a rustic wedding, a corporate retreat, or a family gathering, the ranch's expansive grounds provide a stunning backdrop for any occasion. With beautifully manicured gardens for the ceremony and reception, and a working farm and ranch just up the hill for photos, it's a truly stunning Ventura County location.

And luckily Mackenzie and Austin from Simi Valley chose it! I was so excited when they reached out, because as I said- it's one of my favorites. I'm a basic California girl, but also married to a Mexican man, so avocados are basically my favorite food. My son's first food was mashed avocado actually! Being surrounded by the avocado trees at Gerry Ranch just feels like home.

The groom/ groomsmen area is basically nestled in a patch of shady trees. So they don't get a specific getting ready room or anything unfortunately, but it's a cool hangout. The bride's room is hidden down a path and has it's own bathroom and mirrors and such for the bride getting ready.

A Private Vow Reading in Avocado Trees is my Pinterest Dream

Ceremony and Reception Time:

The ceremony area is a manicured lawn, facing South onto the Camarillo Hills and the actual Ranch property. The cocktail hour is to the left, and then more to the left is the reception area with the same Southern view, but in a larger space. All the "walls" are made from avocado trees.

Reception Set Up

Then Head Up The Hill In A Private Golf Cart...

and be alone away from your guests for a bit while you take wedding photos with me!

Now Get Ready to Party!

The dance floor is entirely outdoors, so plan to rent heat lamps if it's a colder month. Most people don't seem to mind!

Congratulations on a beautiful day Mackenzie and Austin!

Wedding Photographer at Gerry Ranch